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Expanding your Beauty/Medical Spa: How to work with local businesses

When you are a new business it is important to get yourself out there and start showing that you are in the community. This is not only to acquire more clients that will need the help of your products and services but to also show yourself to other business owners to hopefully collaborate with them in the future. There is so much to gain from other business owners from knowledge to even more clients!

Connecting with local businesses in the area

  • Working with estheticians, cosmetologists, surgeons/doctors, hair stylists, lash experts, other beauty business owners to help offer their clients your services at a discount and offer your previous clients other services that you don’t offer

  • Hosting work events/charity events in the community by collaborating with other business owners

  • Networking in community at an event with other owners or going door to door or calling to set up meetings with owners to chat- see what works for other business owners- its important to not reinvent the wheel and ask what suggestions they can make for your business

  • Promoting and selling products and services with the permission of business owners in their location


  • Teach about different procedures or products you offer and how to get best results, possible complications, choosing the right practitioner injector, speaking with experts, and conducting Q&A’s

  • Hosting an in-person workshop or presentation

Testimonials/ Client Satisfaction –

  • Video testimonials

  • Client reviews

  • Referral Programs – discount for referring clients

Connecting with Clients—

  • Subscription services- Email list

  • Email updates and automatic follow-up emails and thank you emails

At Beauty Luxe Skin & Body we connect with new and established beauty business owners in Long Island and other parts of NY to offer services/products. We even host work events and fundraisers. We offer concierge services such as Botox/Filler/Medical Facials for any event you wish to host even if you are not a business owner, we still come to you- if you have a group of 5+ please contact us directly at 516-712-4856 to discuss our group rates.

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